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Infected Paradise

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"Infected Paradise" is an Australian horror set in the metropolitan rural areas of Western Australia.

A group of holiday makers set out on an escape from the monotony of their daily routines, only to have their lives turned upside down when the peaceful escape they had planned turns into a fight for their lives.

Set on Seagull Island, a fictional and remote paradise off the north coast of Western Australia, five groups of friends, family and lovers plan the perfect getaway.

Peter and Michelle are taking their children Sarah and Carl away from their computer games, phones and obsessions with modern technology in the hope to bring the family closer.

Bobby, David, Callum and Steve, longtime friends and party animals are hoping for some different adventures.

Keith and Dianne, long time partners, charitable and caring are just hoping for some peace and quiet. Dianne brings her brother Adam along to help him get over the death of his wife and move forward with his life.

Tony and Jane are a young couple in the early stages of their romance.

Summer, April, and Sally have worked together in an office for some time and want to get away from their weekly routine.

When Corporal Goosen, a soldier infected with an experimental and unknown virus is found washed up on the shore, this tranquil and picturesque escape turns into…

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Trailer 1
Rod Manikam

Role: Producer

Darryl Westrup

Role: Co-Producer

Julian Cheah

Role: Director

Stewart Granger

Role: Screenplay

Alzbeta Baladova

Role: 1st AD, HMU, SFX

Maggie Meyer

Role: Casting Director

William Marty

Role: Music Composer

Violaine Pahin

Role: Photo/Video

Denear Tan

Role: Editing Team

Jay Chiah

Role: Editing Team

Melissa Escobar

Role: Production Assistant

Pann MuruJaiyan

Role: Grip

Joe Lim

Role: Executive Producer

Allan Murrish

Role: Executive Producer

Matt James

Role: Tony

Maha Wilson

Role: Jane

Stewart Granger

Role: Bobby

Serena Filgueira

Role: Summer

Simon Arblaster

Role: Dave

Sharnya Thomson

Role: April

E Evangelopoulos

Role: Callum

Leah Fitzgerald

Role: Sally

Aiden Dimbleby

Role: Steve

Rod Manikam

Role: Peter

Fiona Heart

Role: Michelle

Nicholas Coombe

Role: Carl

Melissa Escobar

Role: Sarah

Marcelle Weber

Role: Keith

Maggie Meyer

Role: Dianne

Bryan Chance

Role: Adam

Darryl Westrup

Role: Terrific Ted

Carlee Brook 

Role: Nancy

John Pokino

Role: Joe

Nada Dilevska

Role: Mary Anne

D Christodoulakis

Role: Jerome

Alitia Harnisch

Role: Sue

Paul Goosen

Role: Corporal Goosen

Allan Murrish

Role: Clay

Alzbeta Baladova

Role: David's Girlfriend

Tiana Westrup

Role: Amy

Korum Ellis

Role: Joshua

Frank Stynman

Role: Captain Craigo

Lukas Meyer

Role: Llanden

Dale Barnard

Role: Scientist

Dan Lonick

Role: Colonel

Graeme Carleton

Role: Soldier

Liam Pegler

Role: Soldier

Daniel Berenger

Role: Soldier

Brendan Augustin

Role: Simon

Arthur Vaka

Role: Featured Extra

Vivienne Marshall

Role: Featured Extra

Chantelle Naude

Role: Featured Extra

Melissa Meyer

Role: Featured Extra

Lehan Meyer

Role: Featured Extra

Luke Thornley

Role: Featured Extra